Proflex® profiles

foam profiles

ProFlex profiles give you the edge.

ProFlex foam edge protectors and foam corner protectors provide surface and edge protection to limitless packaging applications.




  • Easy to use foam edge protectors are able to conform to just about any product contour
  • Withstand multiple impacts as well as constant vibration
  • Chemically inert, odorless, clean, closed-cell structure
  • Excellent resiliency, flexibility and shape memory
  • With non-abrasive coating, our foam edge protectors and foam corner protectors are an excellent method of protecting delicate furniture, powder coated finishes, class-A surfaces and sensitive biomedical parts.


  • A varied assortment of standard formulations, shapes and colors, give our foam edge protectors and foam corner protectors a leading edge over our competition.

Material Enhancements:

  • Fire retardancy, UV inhibition, static dissipation and enhanced malleability are just a few other value-added features of our foam edge protectors.



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