GeoSpeed™ paper packaging systems



GeoSpeed® Quantum™

paper packaging system

The Pregis GeoSpeed Quantum is a quantum leap in paper packaging!  The Quantum system sets a new standard for modular work station packaging that is unmatched by competitive systems. The combination of simplicity and reliable performance insures that packaging productivity is never compromised. The GeoSpeed Quantum is the fastest and most efficient single-ply paper packaging system available on the market.

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GeoSpeed™ 100

Kraft paper packaging system

Fast. Durable. Versatile

The GeoSpeed 100 paper system is the answer for those who want a fast and easy-to-operate system that provides exceptionally flexible and eco-friendly crumpled paper packing material.

This on demand system is easy to operate and generates Kraft paper packaging that is perfect for packing products which require absorption or temperature insulation. The crumpled paper packing is fully biodegradable and recyclable, and is the perfect solution for packing objects with sharp corners that could pierce other forms of packing material.

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