Astro-Bubble® Green

Recycled Bubble Packaging

Recycled.  Recyclable.  Reusable.

Astro-Bubble Green Bubble from Pregis contains up to 40% recycled material! This recycled bubble packaging is manufactured with reusable polyethylene resin and consists of up to 40% recycled plastics. These include up to 20% post consumer content, reducing landfill waste.


Green Bubble recycled bubble packaging is designed to incorporate high levels of post consumer recycled content without losing product integrity. The green color promotes purchase and awareness of recycled content products, and Green Bubble is in turn recyclable, keeping the chain in motion.

  • Recycled bubble packaging contains up to 40% recycled using up to 20% post-consumer content reduces landfill waste.
  • Designed to incorporate high levels of post consumer recycled content without losing product integrity.
  • Manufactured using reusable polyethylene resin – Recyclable.
  • Green bubble color promotes purchases of recycled content products.

Sustainable Features

 Distributor  End-User  Environment 
Expanded offering that includes innovative sustainable packaging products. Protective packaging that addresses environmental concerns of the end consumers. Use of sustainable packaging lessens depletion and dependence in petroleum based resins.
Air cushioning material that offers an environmentally- conscious alternative to loose-fill. More cost-effective to ship, store and use. Lightweight green bubble material uses less fuel for transport and less carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
Cost-effective sustainable recycled bubble packaging with versatile end-market applications. Recycled bubble packaging made with recycled materials with no loss in performance. Increased preservation of virgin raw materials.


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