EP-Flex™ Renew™

biodegradable film

Renew inflatable void fill packaging contains a special and precise blend of ingredients that allow for microbial biodegradation. Providing the same quality performance characteristics as the standard EP-Flex film, EP-Flex Renew air pillows are tough, 100% recyclable and contain pre-consumer recycled content.


EP-Flex Renew inflatable packaging film uses a proprietary additive in the manufacturing process, attracting microbial communities found in landfills and composting environments to accelerate product biodegradability.

 Features and Benefits:  Results: 
Special bio-additive helps address environmental concerns.
  • Film biodegrades.
  • Reduces solid waste in landfills.
  • Extends the projected useful life of landfills.
AirSpeed pillows are an environmentally responsible choice, recyclable category #4.
  •  Less plastic diverted to the waste stream.
  • 20% – 50% less resin content than alternative films – overall source reduction in packaging materials used.
  • Bulk pack option eliminates cartons and reduces the amount of pallets and cores used.
Environmentally sensitive solution with superior operational performance. Customers receive the same quality products they are accustomed to, while positively impacting the environment.
  • Just like the standard EP-Flex, EP-Flex Renew is stronger and more durable than competitive films.
  • Greater puncture resistance than standard films.
  • Excellent tensile strength – EP Flex Renew pillows stretch while others puncture.
  • Engineered for stronger, more resilient seals.

An Environmentally Responsible Option

EP-Flex Renew inflatable packaging film contains a natural organic bio-additive that accelerates biodegradation of the film. Unlike other environmental plastics in the marketplace, EP-Flex Renew inflatable packaging film contains no heavy metals or salts, can be transported in high heat and has a longer shelf life than competing options. Heat, light and oxygen are not required for EP-Flex Renew inflatable packaging film to begin biodegrading in a landfill. EP-Flex Renew inflatable packaging film will biodegrade in both anaerobic and aerobic environments.

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