AirSpeed® HC™

hybrid inflatable packaging system

Pregis introduces the ultimate inflatable packaging system. An on-demand hybrid cushioning system —the AirSpeed HC system reaches speeds of 75 feet a minute. This inflatable packaging system is the fastest air pillow machine of its kind on the market.

With an AirSpeed HC air pillow machine, operators can inflate hybrid cushioning on-demand, increasing efficiency and optimizing warehouse space required for other materials. AirSpeed HC inflatable packaging system material is ideal for void fill – top, sides and bottom, cushioning, block and brace, wrapping and packing and light duty cushioning.

The AirSpeed HC inflatable packaging system also has significant ease-of-use benefits over other block and brace materials. The AirSpeed HC air pillow machine produces void fill material with no mess and less expensive for use in the appropriate applications.

The AirSpeed HC inflatable packaging system – the air pillow machine designed to meet customer’s needs of simplicity and ease of use.


Two pillow sizes for your optimal use:
1) 8 squares by 8 squares for a 3/4″ cushion.
2) 5 squares by 5 squares for a 1 1/4″ cushion.

True Perforations:
Sheets are perforated for easy-to-tear, quick packing with no loss of cushioning due to perforations.

Excellent Film Memory:
Able to retain its shape and protective qualities when folded and manipulated or wrapped.Space Savings:HC film can be converted into the equivalent protection of almost one-and-a-half truckloads of traditional bubble! No need to store drums of chemicals like foam-in-place.Great Clarity:Inflatable packaging system produces transparent material that is more appealing than solids such as foam in place.

Our True Hybrid Cushioning is Ideal for These Packaging Applications.

  • Wrapping and Packing
  • Large Volume Cushioning
  • Blocking and Bracing Applications
  • Customers looking to reduce storage and material handling
  • Retail customers looking for film clarity
  • Can be coupled with the AirSpeed™ 5000 to handle side or bottom fill

AirSpeed HC Air Pillow Machine can Increase Packaging Efficiencies in These Markets.
Aerospace, automotive, book publishers, computer & peripherals, cosmetics, electronics, fulfillment, giftware, glass products, medical & dental supplies, party supplies, pharmaceutical.

An air cushion machine can deliver space savings along with lower material and shipping costs. The inflatable packaging system uses transparent, durable, non-abrasive film in a variety of sizes for all your shipping needs. This alternative to other void-fill options is environmentally friendly.
This inflatable packaging system is easy to program and load, and increases efficiency by saving time and space as well as labor costs. The air packaging serves as a void fill that is reusable and recyclable while retaining durability.
The AutoFlow inflatable packaging system eliminates the need for an operator to tear perforations manually.

  • Increases Efficiency:  High speed AutoFlow reduces labor and increases packaging throughput.
  • Cost-Effective:  Paired with the AirSpeed HC air cushion machine, this unit delivers low cost material, low cost shipping, labor efficiency and space savings.
  • Simple:  Easy to program and easy to load inflatable packaging system.
  • Ergonomic:  Separates cushions for operator eliminating the handwork of pulling and tearing perforated pillows.
  • Hybrid Cushions:  Uses clean, transparent, durable and non-abrasive film; the air cushion machine offers significant advantages verses alternatives.
  • Recycle Symbol 4


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