IntelliPack SmartSHOT Hybrid™ is an innovative cross between a handheld foam-in-place machine and bagger system. An affordable option with the same maximum foam-in-place product protection benefits, SmartSHOT Hybrid™ comes in multiple bag and stand dimensions to best suit your needs.


Features Benefits
A hand-held/bagger machine – all in one! Small footprint, cost-effective bagger option for low-volume users. Affordable option, same maximum foam-in-place product protection benefits.
Package a wide variety of products with one piece of equipment. Less capital required.
Telemetry: self-monitors system performance, tracks the usage of consumables, and automatically reorders supplies. Maximum reliability.No more costly, unexpected downtime.
Bar-Coding Enables operations with diverse product lines to deliver consistent packaging protection.Automatic.Ensures products are protected with the right amount of foam and film, each and every time.



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