Astro-Cell® Laminations

Bubble Material

Astro-Cell bubble packaging material can be laminated to a number of substrates, printed or non-printed. This allows the bubble product to be used for a variety of applications such as produce, insulation and publishing.

Instances where use of Astro-Cell bubble product laminate can be implemented include applications where extra insulation is needed on a foil backing, or more protection is required for a poly-film wrapping. The bubble packaging material can also be laminated to cohesive or adhesive materials for use in a variety of settings.

Kraft paper can be laminated with bubble product, and the resulting product used to cushion fragile or perishable products. The bubble packaging material delivers superior protection and its transparency allows easy product identification.

Laminate Astro-Cell bubble packaging material to a number of substrates, printed or non-printed:

  • Cohesive or adhesive material
  • Kraft paper
  • Poly films
  • Microfoam XFS polypropylene foam
  • Foil (for insulation)
  • A third web of film on the bubble side.


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