Astro-Foam® Renew™

Content PE Recycled Sheet Foam:

An Eco-Friendly Recycled Sheet Foam Packing Option

Astro-Foam Renew is a cost-effective, flexible, and all-purpose recycled sheet foam that will not only protect your goods, while being handled or when in-transit, but will serve as an eco-friendly alternative to protecting your goods with recycled sheet foam. Containing between 15% and 35% of pre-consumer raw material content that has been salvaged and repurposed into recycled sheet foam, Astro-Foam’s recycled sheet foam packaging is a state-of-the-art product protective sheath that provides options to its consumers that have both practical and effective applications in the real world — only with a long-term view.

Consider our recycled sheet foam packing which gives back to the environment as well as offers your goods premium protection.

Our products help your products resist scratches and damage, while protecting the environment.

In utilizing Astro-Foam Renew recycling sheet foam packing, you get flexibility and cost-efficiency — in knowing your products are being adequately protected — as well as peace of mind — knowing that our all-purpose recycled sheet foam products are not consuming purely virgin resources, but contain up to 35% of salvaged and repurposed raw material content.
Our recycled sheet foam packing is perfect for a variety of packaging and non-packaging challenges, Astro-Foam Renew is an environmentally sensible alternative to other sheet foam options.

Features and Benefits: Results
Made with at least 15% recycled pre-consumer content converted into highly effective recycled sheet foam. Recycled sheet foam addresses end-user environmental concerns, lessens dependence on virgin raw materials.
Provides high cushioning, compression strength, flexibility and resilience. Recycled sheet foam packing provides excellent cushioning and energy absorption over broad load ranges; easy to use and re-use.
Environmentally sensitive recycled sheet foam packing solutions at no extra cost. Customers receive the same quality products they are accustomed to, while positively impacting the environment.


Distributor End-User Environment
An assortment of recycled sheet foam that includes a sustainable solution. Protective packaging that address end-customers and consumers’ environmental concerns. Use of sustainable recycled sheet foam packing lessens depletion and dependence on petroleum-based resins.
Cost-effective sustainable recycled sheet foam packing with versatile end-market applications. Protective recycled sheet foam packing that addresses end-customers and consumers’ environmental concerns. Use of recycled sheet foam lessens dependency on virgin raw materials.
Differentiated product line containing a recycled sheet foam alternative with a maximum of 35% recycled content. A recycled sheet foam product that compliments internal and external corporate green initiatives and strategies. Increased gains and benefits will be realized over time, as more people make a positive environmental contribution.


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