Hefty Express® Mailers

Hefty Express® protective shipping mailers

Hefty Express protective mailers feature the tough construction and dependable performance.  This complete mailer family offers an economical method of guarding and containing products from damage during shipment or transfer.

Pregis protective mailers can substantially improve the efficiency of your shipping operations. Unlike bulky boxes, they require no set-up and are easily closed by a self-sealing strip or another preferred method. Security and protection are built into these mailers making additional packing materials unnecessary. With Hefty Express mailers Pregis offers an unmatched spectrum of options from cushioning, to impact, to light surface protection.



Hefty Express® Kraft Mailers

This Kraft Bubble Mailer is the Perfect Option for Protecting Smaller Items

This Kraft bubble mailer combines an Astro-Cell® air cushioning liner with a kraft exterior to add the right amount of cushioning and surface protection when mailing items susceptible to impact and abrasion during transit.
And Air Kraft mailers come in Courier Friendly™ cases – sized to meet standard shipping rates!

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Friendly Foam®


Foam Mailers Lined with Astro-Foam for Extra Surface Protection

Friendly Foam mailers feature an 1/8″ Astro-Foam polyethylene lining for surface protection and cushioning.

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Hefty Express® Rigid Mailer

Chipboard Mailers Provide Both Versatility and Protection for CDs and Books

Gator-Pak chipboard mailers are designed to secure shipped items that need rigidity as a protective feature. Load flat items into chipboard envelopes for protection from bending and creasing then use the same inventory of chipboard mailers for more three-dimensional items such as videos, books, CDs, DVDs, publications, etc.

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all poly Hefty Express® plastic mailer

Pregis has improved Poly-Lite co-extruded film plastic mailers — our poly mailers are now more secure, more durable, and more effective for shipping your documents and soft goods.

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Hefty Express® All Poly Air Cushioned Mailers

Bubble Mailers that Protect Delicate Items during Shipment

Armor-Lite premier air cushioned mailers are all poly mailers that are not only lightweight and water-resistant. A sheet of air cushioning bubble is laminated to the multi-layer polyethylene film for protection of more delicate goods during

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Pad-Kraft® Friendly®

100% paper padded mailer

Pad-Kraft padded paper mailers are the environmentally preferable way to protect items during shipment. FSC Certified, 100% recyclable and extremely durable!

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Hefty Express® kraft mailer

Heavy Duty All-Paper Kraft Envelopes that Outperform the Competition

Choose the look and protection needed from rugged Kraft mailers: natural utility, white utility or tan-reinforced; two dimensional or three dimensional gusseted. Whichever option you need, these Kraft envelopes feature tough construction and dependable performance.

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