Astro-Bubble® Renew™

air cushion packaging

Pregis economy air cushion packaging now contains 25% post-industrial recycled resin as Astro-Bubble Renew!

Lightweight, clean and flexible, Pregis air cushion packaging materials offer a smart alternative to loose fill. When wrapped around products and used for void fill, Pregis air cushion packaging provides high-performance protection.
And because it’s transparent, product identification is instant and easy.

Astro-Bubble Renew Value Proposition

Astro-Bubble Renew recycled bubble packaging contains 25% recycled pre-consumer raw material content.  Environmentally sensible, Astro-Bubble Renew air cushion packaging provides superb surface protection with less impact on the environment. Users can be confident that their products will be well protected during storage and transport, while feeling good about contributing to raw material preservation by using recycled bubble packaging.


Features and Benefits Results
Superior quality and product performance. Optimal surface protection, minimal product breakage.
Aesthetically pleasing color – creates differentiation. Promotes purchases of recycled content products and is easily identified from clear bubble.
Environmentally-sensible alternative to virgin bubble at no extra cost. Environmentally-responsible product which incorporates waste material that otherwise would be diverted into the waste stream


Environmental Advantages without Sacrificing Quality

Astro-Bubble Renew recycled bubble packaging comes in coex (low-density polyethylene/nylon) and mono-layer (linear low density polyethylene) options with bubble sizes consisting of very small, small, medium and large. Bubble heights range from 1/8” to ½”. This air cushion packaging has lightweight characteristics which make it an ideal cushioning, surface protection and void-fill option which helps minimize added weight during finished goods delivery. In addition to being a recycled bubble packaging product, the weight factor lowers fuel consumption and carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

Distributor End-User Environment
Expanded bubble assortment that includes innovative sustainable solutions. Air cushion packaging that addresses consumers’ environmental concerns. Use of sustainable packaging lessens depletion and dependence on petroleum- based resins.
Air cushion packaging material that offers an environmentally-conscious alternative to loose-fill. More cost-effective to ship, store and use. Light-weight material uses less fuel for transport and emits less carbon into the atmosphere.
Recycled bubble packaging is cost-effective and sustainable with versatile end-market applications. Recycled bubble packaging made with renewed materials with no loss in performance. Less dependence on virgin raw material.


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