AirSpeed® 5000

inflatable void fill packaging

The AirSpeed 5000 inflatable packaging system offers speed, versatility, durability and functionality. Our reliable machines and durable film create void-fill packaging cushions on demand. This unit converts film into inflatable packaging at a rate of 75 feet per minute.
Chains of air cushions are created using ambient air, eliminating the need for an external air supply making the unit truly portable. The AirSpeed™ 5000 void fill packaging system operates faster than its predecessors enabling it to keep up with high-demand packaging situations. Inflatable packaging is created on demand, minimizing inventory space requirements.

Multiple film grades and pillow sizes meet all of your void-fill packaging needs, maximizing flexibility and reducing waste. The inflatable packaging cushions are proven durable, and the machine is easy to load and operate. Void fill packaging unit converts film into air cushions at a blazing rate of 75 feet per minute!

  • Air cushions are created using ambient air, eliminating the need for an external air supply.
  • Multiple films grades and pillow sizes maximize flexiblity.
  • Inflatable packaging machine and cushions are proven durable.
  • Quick to load, easy to operate void fill packaging.
  • Dispensing options or accessories available to increase efficiency for void fill packaging system.

Converting Machine:

Blazing speed:  75 feet per minute; no need for bulky storage/dispensing systems
No compressed air needed on this void fill packaging system
Easily fits into any packaging operation, large or small
Easy to operate:  
Load film and start machine
Low maintenance:  
Minimal parts means fewer repairs
Single system produces void fill packaging of varied sizes
Adjust cushion fill pressure; measure chain length by feet

Film Rollstock:

Air retention:  Improved film and sealing means lower “leaker” rates
Improved yield:  More inflatable packaging  void fill per roll by eliminating “skirt” loss
Truth in sizing:  Sized minus seal and trim for true 8” and 10” cushion widths
Lightweight:  Lowers shipping costs vs. paper or loose fill
Clean and neat:  Improved customer satisfaction, cleaner than loose fill
Transparent:  Improved product visibility, no product “lost” in inflatable packaging
Durable:  Excellent void-fill packaging and light cushioning properties
Non-abrasive:  Soft, smooth film surface; eliminates kraft and newsprint finger cuts



Air Conditioning/Heating Equipment
Automotive Parts
Computer Parts/Supplies
Dental Supplies
Direct Mail
Electronic Components
Glass Products
Health Foods
Industrial Parts
Mail Order
Medical Supplies
Office Supplies
On-line Orders
Party Supplies
Phone Equipment
Retail Merchandise


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