Astro-Cell® Plus

bubble packaging material

Pregis has the latest equipment and technology employed to make superior bubble packaging material. The co-extruded barrier bubbles in Astro Cell Plus bubble material is 100 times more resistant to the passage of air. The result is a strong, lightweight bubble packaging material that retains its air and cushioning power much longer and under greater pressure than competing products featuring non-barrier bubbles.

Astro-Cell Plus bubble cushioning wrap costs the same as the Astro-Cell “LD” mono extruded product, yet it is stronger, lighter, and more flexible. Astro Cell  Plus bubble packaging material provides better cushioning and surface protection. This barrier bubble material is ideal for intermediate shipping and storage cycles of light or medium weight, moderately-valued products.

Astro Cell Plus is manufactured with a center layer of coextruded nylon. This provides an effective air barrier without adding bulk, weight or cost to the bubble packaging material. It meets CID AA-549E requirements, and requires less raw material – giving this bubble material an environmental advantage.

Astro Cell plus bubble material is light and flexible, conforming to odd shapes and reducing shipping costs with its lightweight design. This bubble packaging material is available in rolls or sheets, and is clearly visible for easy product identification.

Bubble Packaging Material Features

  • Bubble packaging material is manufactured with center layer of coextruded nylon provides an effective air barrier without adding bulk or weight or cost
  • Product is visible for instant product identification
  • An environmental plus – requires less raw material (source reduction).
  • Easier wrapping and stuffing – Bubble packaging material is lighter more flexible material conforms better to odd shapes.
  • Bubble material meets CID AA-549E
  • Bubble material is available in rolls or sheets


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