IntelliPack’s SmartBAGGER™ is foam-in-bag packaging technology ideal for high-volume, medium to large applications that require protective void fill, blocking and bracing, and cushioning during the shipping and handling process.


The SmartBAGGER™ is available in static 19-inch centerfold and gusseted SmartFILM™rolls and a variety of foam densities. Our SmartFOAM™SmartFILM™, andSmartLUBE™ foam in place supplies deliver exceptional advantages that translate into long-term value. Safe, comfortable and intuitive to use, IntelliPack SmartBAGGER™ maximizes packaging line productivity and efficiency.


Features Benefits
Ergonomic Design Safer, more comfortable operation.
Flip door design offers easy-to-thread film with quick access to loading spindle, sealing wires and edge seal arbors. Intuitive, improved efficiency.
90 degree spindle feature ensures that film is loaded the proper way. Minimal errors and quick film changeover.
Easy-to-replace sealing wires and edge seal arbors. Simple and quick access; plug-in design installs in just 5 seconds.
Long lasting mixing module, tool-less module replacement. Maximum horsepower available (on motor) to retract purge rod from mixing chamber; minimizes downtime due to bonding of purge rod and mixing chamber.Zero maintenance expense, parts are included with equipment least at no additional cost.Fast & easy to clean and change.

Minimal downtime to switch out/change parts.

User-friendly, intuitive control panel. Simple, instinctive to navigate.Adjustable machine height and screen angles.Convenient, front-facing interface.

Large, easy-to-push buttons.


Telemetry: self-monitors system performance, tracks the usage of consumables and automatically reorders supplies. Maximum reliability.No more costly, unexpected downtime.
Bar-coding Enables operations with divers product lines to deliver consistent packaging protection.Automatic.
System ability to manage and monitor heat, pressure, other essential variables. Ensures products are protected with the right amount of foam and film, each and every time.Create the optimal performing foam consistently from start to finish.


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