heavy duty air cushion packaging

Astro-Supra-Bubble air cushion packaging features a military spec, high end barrier bubble that is ideal for items that are fragile, heavy or have a long storage cycle. The extra strength provided by this product offers a cost and space effective alternative to traditional packing products.


This bubble packaging is designed to provide exceptional air retention and long lasting protection without adding bulk or weight. With Astro-Supra Bubble air cushion packaging, a superior level of protection is provided in a lightweight, strong material that doesn’t add bulk or weight.

Astro-Supra Bubble packaging meets all requirements of Federal Specification PPP-C-795D. The special barrier film contains a thick center layer of co-extruded nylon, providing the air cushion packaging with superior strength and offering an efficient vapor barrier.


  • Bubble packaging is designed for fragile or heavy products that have extended storage and shipping cycles
  • Special barrier film with a thicker center layer of co-extruded nylon, offerssuperior strength and vapor barrier characteristics
  • Air cushion packaging provides exceptional air retention and longest-lasting protection without adding bulk or weight
  • Meets all requirements of Federal Specification PPP-C-795D


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