Hefty Express® All Poly Air Cushioned Mailers

Bubble Mailers that Protect Delicate Items during Shipment

Armor-Lite premier air cushioned mailers are all poly mailers that are not only lightweight and water-resistant. A sheet of air cushioning bubble is laminated to the multi-layer polyethylene film for protection of more delicate goods during transport.


  • All poly bubble mailers provide superior protectioncompared to paper/bubble mailers in tear-, tensile-, puncture- and water-resistance.
  • White outer film delivers a clean appearance that enhances the image of our air cushioned mailers.
  • Silver-Shield™ opaque inner security layer maximizes confidentiality of our bubble mailers.
  • Uniform 3/16″ bubble inner layer provides reliable cushioning
  • Low-friction air-cushioned inner lining means product is quickly inserted into and removed from our bubble mailers.
  • Self-seal adhesive, tamper-evident closure of our air cushioned mailers with poly-release liner is easy-to-use.


  • Bubble mailers come in industry standard sizes #000-7 which means versatility from one vendor.

Custom Options:

  • 1-6 color line or process print on bubble mailers promote your brand identity.



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